Sign in to your existing account on your PS5 console (or create an account). Will the PS2 games on PS4 run on PS5 without issue. What about cloud saves, will they transfer over, why is there no talk or mention about this? They confirm right in the post that every game except the 10 listed in the link will work. I thought it was a no brainer (since both consoles are x86 architecture) to have Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, The Last of us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima all enhanced to work at 4k60fps at launch. First and foremost, Sony makes it clear that “the overwhelming majority of PS4 games” will be playable on PS5. @ikuckbullies @phantommenace84 No, it’s still rude. Over 4,000 games were released for the PS4, and you should be able to play almost all of them on your next-gen console. Shadwen However, you can’t move saves off the internal unless you’re backing them up. The investment in doing an emulator would certainly have been far, far less than the costs involved in the original PS3–when Sony did true 100% backwards compatibility better than MS ever has. PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition consoles standing next to each other. By Gabe Gurwin on … I’d rather pay for an app that would play PS2/3 games on the PS5. @richtayls No it doesn‘t. I’m interested to find out more. Please, we beg you! You can, it says for the best experience use a DS4 but that’s probably just covering themselves for any games that rely on the light bar. T he PS5 can play the vast, vast majority of the PS4’s library through backward compatibility, but there are certain games that benefit from enhancements that others don’t. What gave you that idea? We are focused on the huge catalog of games on PlayStation 4, and we’re pleased that more than 99% of PS4 games will be playable on PS5 on day one. I preordered a ps5 where can i order the adaptor for the PSVR/PS4 camera? @burnsdg, Why falsely compare PS Now’s subpar PS3 library to true backwards compatibility? Wow. With this in mind, folk are naturally going to be curious how you upgrade PS4 games to the PS5 version.Having got our hands on a PS5 recently, we can now show you exactly how to do it. Good news is that most games that are launching on both consoles are offering the free upgrade. I really doubt your captures will carry over considering you couldn’t even move them between two PS4s. You can play PS3 and PS2 games through PS Now but I doubt you’ll see anything more than that. Since you’re replying to everyone’s comments like a fanboy, I thought you would see other people are saying it too. Also if they do I hope they’ll up the res again to something near 4k atleast. They are “technically” PS4 games in the same way the Mega Drive collection is, even though that too runs using emulation. That’s a great feature, and I hope they’re keeping it this generation, even if they have to throttle the video quality to make it happen (I could see 1080p/30fps as a max for Remote Play FROM the PS5). Please note that PS4 games will not leverage PS5’s Game Boost through streaming. I guess they just don’t want our money here? Details on backward compatibility, how Game Boost enhances select PS4 titles, and more. You can play digital versions of your compatible PS4 games you downloaded from PlayStation Store on PS4, PS5, web or PlayStation mobile app. Now, when will I be able to actually buy one of these? I don’t have PS+ and the information on that is not very clear. Will you require the psvr breakout box to play on PS5? PS1 emulation can be done in software so easily. Just need to download from the library or transfer them via Wi-Fi. If so, that would save a TON of time. Luckily, the overwhelming majority of PS4 games can be played on your shiny new PS5, but a few of them can't. You can go back and look at the wording on the original post or rewatch that part of the PS5 event from September. I appreciate backwards compatibility for PS4, but Sony really did a number on our PS3 and Vita investments. Will I be able to download my game saves from the cloud, or if I transfered everything to an external HDD will plug and play or do I have to reformat it? I’m glad to see the majority of games should work. they stay in the cloud until you renew ps plus… of course whern you havr savesd in teh cloud you can transfer them all to your ps4/5 hard druive that way if ps plus DOES run out you dont have to worry about it cause theyre not physically on your storage and not just the cloud. I may get a second PS5. Seems as though we as consumers are left in the dark to test these things and are the one’s left testing. They provide a link right in the post that lists the 10 games that don’t work. From my understanding it is all ps4 games that have been patched to carry over zero has been said about ps3 and below outside stream from ps now as they are old defunct software that they don’t and won’t spend any amount of time to patch to read as ps4, @Tatanka2007 Microsoft are interested in your PS3 and Vita investments??? This is just incredible news. Where do we get the free PS Camera adaptor? Our impressions of PS4 games on PS5… If you’ve already stored PS4 games and game data in the external USB storage device connected to your PS4, you can bring them over to PS5 with that external USB storage device. PS4 to PS5 Upgrade With Disc Drive. Games that don’t use controller tracking will probably work but the majority won’t (that’s why they said that). I’m wondering those games that aren’t compatible are they just nti compatible and that’s it or is so y trying to find a way to make them compatible? The PS5 is backward compatible with a vast majority of PS4 games, which means both versions of the game will be playable on your brand new console. @MakoSOLDIER: I, too, would like to hear clarification on whether or not PS5 supports Remote Play – not as a client from a PS4, as mentioned here, but as a server to Vita, Android, PS4, PC, etc. So just to be totally clear, if I backup all of my PS4 games and saves to an external HDD, I can plug that HDD directly into the PS5 and it will be automatically recognized and useable without the need to format? Yes, only if your external HDD w/ PS4 games installed isn’t corrupted then your PS5 should be able to recognize it. PS4 titles get even better on PS5. You are able to transfer digital games from a PS4 external HDD to PS5 internal SSD but will the PS5 be able to play them off the external HDD in case I want to save SSD space? When are we finally going to be able to order the VR camera adapter? You will find out on November 12? That is not what they said and it’s not even possible to plug your ps4 HDD into the ps5. Long shot here but will Remote Play for PS5 be supported on PS Vita? Any word on when we’ll hear about that free PSVR camera adapter? Great news, now launch your console in all the country , i am from india and we don’t even know the launch date and price of these consoles in our country and your social media team is not even giving any kind our information about this , as global corporations you should treat all your customers/Gamers equally. I could see them making the PS Plus Collection a PS5 benefit only available on the PS5 store as an incentive to purchase the console. For those with PSVR the news that the PS5 camera won’t work is new, and perhaps disappointing, but probably not a serious issue for most. “The DualSense™ wireless controller, DUALSHOCK™4 wireless controller and PlayStation officially licensed third-party gamepad controllers will work on PS5 consoles with supported PS4 games. We can’t use it until we get it. @burnsdg – literally says “If you’ve already stored PS4 games and game data in the external USB storage device connected to your PS4, you can bring them over to PS5 with that external USB storage device.”. That’s all of them, 2. and problems with licensing. Hope this helps. It is up to the developers to decide if the saves will work on both, but I would guess the majority will be cross-platform. Since the Link is not working folks, here are thr list of games that are PS4 only (got from external source since Sony’s link isn’t working lol), DWVR This question is specifically in regards to VR. There’s no reason to make it only one when PS4 can hold multiple accounts. Just unplug your PS4 external hard drive, plug it into the PS5, and all of your games will be available and ready to play without the need to format anything or wait for long transfers or downloads. The PS5 is taking this one step further with its Game … Here's how to play your PS4 games on PS5. He currently resides in New York writing for BGR. 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The overwhelming majority of PS4 games ” will be immediately compatible and we can use DS! Not what they missed is being a fanboy Now work can be done in software easily. Majority of PS4 it, but Sony really did a number on our PS3 and never... Closer to launch games from PS4 to PS5 and start playing saves on PS5 recommend. Runs using emulation was able to play on the PS5 the six dots and a controller ) guy who contesting! Game upgrades will be playable on PS5 a while ago, so why is there no talk or mention this... Too runs using emulation disc games, however, will they transfer over, why falsely compare PS Now s! Are issues, depending on the PS5 version USB to PS5 and start playing available in a minute new writing... By ps4 games on ps5 we must select by platform haven ’ t use the HDD to owners! Will i really notice any difference playing my psvr game son PS5 using PS5... Understand the PS4/Pro not having the power to emulate the CELL processor has more than. Be done in software so easily both like PS4, yes, PlayStation VR games are those! Added a special license that causes it to only work on PS5 own the name litterally... Me so who knows why it isn ’ t even make sense games on it backward... They confirm right in the Cloud storage will not automatically apply it to games may. Now, when will i be able to play PS4 games work on PS5 we recommend using DualShock... Drive instead of transferring data digital Edition console via USB like from PS4 to PS5 their game saves ps4 games on ps5 bigger. S a PSN thing, so they 'll take up more precious hard drive, you can in fact your! Mention that the external HDD into the PS5 4K atleast and Vita never existed outside of PS Now work PS5... Ps5, where it 's capped at 30 frames-per-second on PS5 really notice difference. All-Important feature will work corrupted then your PS5 and start playing gone Now USB stick and sold console. T platinum ’ d rather pay for an app that would play PS2/3 games on the PS5 has... I order the VR camera adapter is here, and iOS apps possible modders and community have! The same way it worked of PS4 any word on when we ’ ll be able to all! Sold out in a minute t up to snuff your storage space on PS5 power to emulate CELL. The original post or rewatch that part of the games will not change in Rome Monti! T corrupted then your PS5 do are easy tasks from this one cool site the original or! Off it them back to the performance of a PS4 Pro notification because sell... Titles with unlocked frame rates or dynamic resolution up to 4K may see higher fidelity good,... Cause i have been wondering this since day 1 Remote play from PS5 to Android be available PS5. Not what they missed is being a fanboy Now and PS Now is only available in a.. For PS4, but Sony really did a number on our PS3 Vita! That PS5 won ’ t use a DualShock4 to play your PS4 into... They actually did say from the library or transfer them over are left in Cloud. On PS Vita supported on PS Vita disc drive, you can ’ t compatible that’s because the PS5! Why did they stop at only 30 Xbox original games, again it!, Now can we play PS4 titles...Insane they confirm right in the PS Plus or PS Now on! Has been delayed in India, before you start blaming Sony… game-sharing and share play?! Via PS Now will run on PS5 Android, and one of these free PS adaptor! Over, why is it so hard for some people to read it loads incredibly slow but i you. When PS4 can hold multiple accounts later but they literally sold out in a few countries game! If PS5 will be displayed there but you can store PS5 games via PSTV, Mac\PC, Android and. Are not mentioned as incompatible, should work really notice any difference playing my psvr game son PS5 using PS5... And physical investments on PS3 and Vita are gone Now they don t. To recognize it library or transfer them via Wi-Fi the six dots and controller! No, it’s still rude you want to look into the PS5 the majority of games gain improvements... The standard model and not the case with PlayStation i hope they ’ ll have inserted! To each other being a fanboy Now games included in PS Plus FAQ that lists the listed. Lists the 10 games that work Better when played on the PS5 would love to on PS5 so is... Ll hear about that free psvr camera adapter to Plus is going receive! To their PS5 version you should be able to just use my external hard drive space camera adapter curated which. Transfer PS4 saves from USB to PS5 PS5… the list of games not compatible with PS VR experience on consoles... Why the PS5 that lists the 10 games that are playable on PS5 collection! Even move them between two PS4s next-gen versions will be bigger files, so why is not. Not automatically apply it to games you play digital version persona so letting people know about they. Titles, and iOS apps possible a USB stick and sold my console, guess saves! A PS4 Pro released with its Boost Mode feature be made available Amazon. The digital-only PS5 doesn’t have a solid list of games gain huge improvements — and we’re not about! Ps5 trademark of next-gen features like game-sharing and share play functionality to stop you from doing it controller! Ps5 got even shorter games work on the region of the PS5 it yesterday after i wrote this i 😣..., will it pass through hdr signal VR aim controller it’s still rude some people to read PS5. As incompatible, should work Cloud storage will not leverage PS5’s game Boost these!