They will all be available 1st come,1st serve. top diameter x 3.5 in. Frequented heavily by hummingbirds and bees, this small shrub will reach a mature height of four feet with a spread of about three feet and make a great addition to the patio garden or smaller landscapes. 95. Our plant nursery offers a wide selection of unique, plant […] Brugmansia are annual trees or shrubs (in our climate) with pendulous, not erect, flowers reaching 6-10' in a single season. All varieties are in very limited supplies-some varieties we may only have a few plants. Brugmansia, also known as Angel's Trumpet, are large shrubs or small trees, with semi-woody, often many-branched trunks. Angel Trumpet Plants can be injured or killed if temperatures during shipping are too cold.We are currently growing out some amazing New varieties that are sure to amaze!! Logee’s has a large variety of tropical Angel's Trumpets for sale. 3.7 out … Extremely fragrant, especially in the evening. Angel's Trumpet The showy angel's trumpets, from Central and South America, are subtropical evergreen shrubs in the Solanaceae family with huge pendant trumpet-shaped flowers. Welcome Family Owned and Locally Grown. Sure to attract hummingbird moths. We Are Located At: 8090 Littleton Rd, North Fort Myers, FL 33903 Phone: 239-321-4531 Our Landscape Nursery Is Open: Monday-Friday: 9AM-6PM Saturday: 9AM-5PM | Sunday: Closed Indigo Mini Angel Trumpet Plant (iochroma cyanea) – Mini Angel Trumpet Iochroma Cyanea, Delicate deep lavender, tubular flowers. Shop Gardens Alive! Looking to buy an Angel’s Trumpet plant or tree online? Mixed Colors Angel Trumpet Brugmansia Well Rooted Fragrant Flowering Plant. 8-oz in Pot Angel Trumpet (Potted) in the Perennials department at Lowe' 3.3 out of 5 stars 35. Nothing gobbles up attention like the large and showy double blooms of the purple-white fragrant flowers. One of Mother Nature's most breathtaking plants. They can reach heights of 3–11 m (10–36 ft). It comes inside a white ceramic pot. The pot measures 5.5 in. $26.95 $ 26. Excellent container plants that make an impressive display for your deck or patio. long flanked by masses of 10 In. bottom diameter, and the plant stands 14 in. Wanda Sue Angel's Trumpet produces double to single orange trumpets throughout the warm months of the year on a vigorous growing plant. leaves. Both Brugmansia and Datura are exceptionally beautiful in containers and in the garden. tall. Each plant can have dozens, even hundreds, of blossoms at once. $7.49 shipping. They are placed in the genus Brugmansia (as opposed to Datura , which includes the perennial jimson weed). Large fast growing plants make an interesting backdrop to a wide border. Spectacular Flowering Fragrant Pink Angel Trumpet Plant, Great Accent Plant with Evening Fragrance, Starter Plant. ... Angel’s Trumpet Plant - Angel's Trumpets for sale online at Logee's . Angel Trumpet Farms was founded in 2010 and proudly serves both commercial and residential customers of the Greater Jacksonville area with a wide selection of high-quality products and services to enhance and beautify homes and gardens throughout all seasons. The name Angel's Trumpet refers to the large, pendulous, trumpet-shaped flowers, 14–50 cm (6–20 in) long and 10–35 cm (4–14 in) across at the opening. Item# 11196 Choose from white, peach, pink or orange varieties, with many available in single and double flower forms. Money Tree Plant in Ceramic Pot Bring a little luck into your life with this Bring a little luck into your life with this Money Tree Plant. H x 5 in. Save 10% on an Angel's Trumpet... CLOSED - December 25, 2020 - Jan 1, 2021. Not only are they stunning, but also fragrant too! Green 5 in. Angel's Trumpet Very fragrant in the evening, the 8" long hanging trumpet shaped flowers appear in spring and summer. Brugmansia. - 18 in. Angel's Trumpets are fast growing tropical shrubs that act-like die-back perennials in the northern parts of their range but readily return from the roots in spring. Grows 8 In. Ranging in height from 6-30', most have tan, slightly rough bark and produce spiny fruit.