The poor sucker punk who works valet should get training and a real job. United States - NYC monthly valet parking -- tipping - If keeping a car for a month in midtown and using a valet garage under the apartment building, how much are you expected to tip … Personally, I have always tipped for valet service only when picking up. I know of only three to five incidents involving my coworkers and all of those the customers were told by the company before they even saw it themselves. But when you're paying $300-$1000 a night or simply having dinner and wine for $150+, you're just being cheap to not tip the valet for a free service. Illegal Ink – 11 Countries Where Showing Your Tattoos Could Get You Kicked Out! From my experience, places that charge for valet, pay the valets hourly. Do not give the valet a hard time about why you are not able to park yourself in the lot. The etiquette organization advises tipping the garage attendant $10 to $30 as a holiday thank you. How much and when do you tip when you live in a condo that uses valet as the monthly means of parking? Thanks for your advice. Great read and great tips. In this article, we are going to give you tips on important factors to consider when tipping a valet parking attendant. Sometimes $2 if they help out with things or get the car fast. So we try to have organized our valuables before hand so we know we don’t leave anything in the car :), I agree with you Tan, yes I think $5 is a good amount; I used to cocktail waitress at a hotel in the US, and the parking attendants were paid more by the hour, because while they still rely on tips, it’s not the sole income like it is for wait staff. I find tipping the most daunting thing about travelling to the US. But, if the valet is not greeting you with a pleasant smile and niceties, no matter what the weather conditions or their personal life, you can … Valets usually do, and if not they will be glad to go find you change promptly. That means that they are $30/hour ON TOP of whatever they are getting paid. Don't have cash? 0 0. Don't have change? I don't mind tipping because I know what it's like to work and not get tipped at all. First of all, it’s just really nice. To the people saying get another job or things like that: Wow. In the rare occasion that damage occurs, the valet company always has insurance, and any repairs will be covered. Three dollars goes to the company to pay my amazing $4.50 hourly wage and other company expenses. If you knew how strict managers are in picking great employees you'd be surprised, at least at a quality establishment like mine. Parking Attendants: For parking or garage attendants who you interact with regularly, you can give between $10 and $30. Sometimes it can be 10 to 12 dollars an hour so tipping them is optional. I'm sorry to hear some stories that people tell about the valet screeching away in their car. Required? ... How much total will you tip the building staff this year at the holidays? All of that being said, tip your valet. It is generally not required in the job description for a valet to run to, and run from, the vehicle in order to accomplish the required parking and retrieving. : At most of the fine dining restaurant accounts, you can give the ticket to your server and have your car already pulled up and waiting for you. So my advice is this: Do not feel obligated to pay more than you want for mediocre or bad service. I tip $2 ($1 to cover the parking and $1 for bringing back the car ), but I don't think most people tip hospital valets because they almost always seem surprised, but also very appreciative. Most of them wouldn't even if they could. How much to tip hotel valet staff: According to the Emily Post Institute, people could tip $1 to $5. Anyway, folks like that are awesome. At my hotel, we charge a $24 a night fee for overnight guests, and usually I try to joke around, like, yeah, my company's CEO needs to renew his country club membership with that money. I park in a parking garage that has a valet who parks my car in the morning and retrieves it for me at after work. $10=$2, $20=$5. Again, like all services, the amount to tip your attendant should be a function of the job that he or she did. Would be so much easier if they just abolished the whole system and included it in an employees pay in my opinion!! We held up traffic screwing around trying to organize our suitcases after we arrived. Tip all the folks who had a hand in your valet service. Being a valet can be a very fun job, but it is very stressful at times when you are dealing with expensive cars and weather issues. The first is that person that just doesn't know better. Don’t forget anything! They don't get this money, and i should maybe throw him a few dollars. Valet parking services are fast-paced and have their own, specific forms of etiquette that should be understood before dropping off your car. So, how would one truly "know" the valet did the particular damage? Nothing...unless he is a valet. Remember, this is only when the attendant is required to pay out your win. Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home. Utilize the following tips for a stress free experience, and to know how much is an appropriate tip. However, be absolutely certain the damage occurred by the valet. It's a thank you for you not having to walk to your car in the same elements we have to get your car in. Good guide. Sometimes the valet will go above and beyond for you, carrying bags or gifts, going back to your car to get something you forgot, or even helping with directions and information about where you are … Some hotels have a service charge for every time you request your car during your stay. It may seem like common sense, but people often forget to remove their valuables. Do I need to tip the Valet when staying in hotels in America? Again, like all services, the amount to tip your attendant should be a function of the job that he or she did. So, the quickest way to a valet’s heart is often through their wallet. No matter how miserable you are in the cold or how hot you are under the heat, a valet should never let the clients know that. I won't have to pay for parking. When it comes to tipping the parking attendants at your venue, estimate how many cars you’re expecting (probably about half the number of guests), and tip the attendants $1 to $2 per car. 0 0. If you give me the exact charge or stiff me (happens too often to believe), then that comes out of my pocket. Why? Anyway, where I work it's a 7 dollar company charge for the valet service. Come on. The valet experience should be very smooth. A good example of a good tipper is a guy in a gold jag who rolled up, handed me a $10 and said can you keep it away from everything. How much can I make as a valet in the States in tips? Learn more about tipping in different areas of the world, or explore hundreds of other calculators involving math, fitness, finance, health, and more. So when I left the hotel I let the front desk manager know this and didn't tip upon leaving. Also, do people consider the risk valets take every day and their expenses? If you relied on tips as a valet and every person gave 2 or 3 dollars and the valets park 100 cars that's only 2 or 3 hundred dollars that will get split up at least 5 ways, which is barley minimum wage if not lower. Valets are trying to service not only you and the three bell carts you need for you and your 5 kids. i live in an apartment where there is no alternative, but valet. Check the mileage on the car to make sure the valet just parked it and that's all. This is a business and ALL businesses try to minimize their costs and maximize their prices. I tip $2 ($1 to cover the parking and $1 for bringing back the car ), but I don't think most people tip hospital valets because they almost always seem surprised, but also very appreciative. I work as a valet as well, and have been researching online valet etiquette. Most vips tip $10-100 (yes, $100). Trust me, makes it a massive pain to retrieve when you do! Drivers should tip from $1 to $5, depending on their preferences or the quality of the service. If you don't like it then don't use the service. However, if you expect exceptional service, and receive exceptional service, then an exceptional tip would match this. Anonymous: Do you have a monthly parking permit in the garage, or are you paying the daily rate? You’re obviously not meant to, so keep it pretty subtle ;). haha…kidding, but i think i always gave 5 or 10 bucks depending on what i had in my pocket…so this is spot on! Thanks Brian! So the 50 cents and any tips go to pay my hourly. What does a valet in America earn in tips? (For the most part.) I'm not saying that everyone needs to tip $5 every time but cough up a third or fourth buck. I usually do $5 so great I was doing the right thing. It's absurd. What to tip a valet for parking. Our family only makes $40k per year. If you give the same tip while driving a new BMW, not so much. One time I even noticed a woman's tire running low, and zipped it down to the corner station and threw air in it (I told her and she gave me $25). So I'm very sympathetic to the young guys who valet and I don't mind tipping well. If you only have a buck but want to give a $5, make sure to mention it to the valet. Now I tip $2 if my car is already waiting, $1 if it isn't. Obviously, if you receive horrible service, the tip should reflect that. If one attendant simply wheels you off the airplane and hands you off to another at the gate, then from nothing to a buck or two is probably appropriate. Forget him. Tipping sucks. If a car left either of the two places I have worked, the attendant would be fired before he/she even got back. Don't say oh I lost it all. When visiting a foreign country, it is wise to look up the local tipping customs. 1 decade ago. Oh, yes, Megan and Mike! When the hotel I stay at charges $12/day for valet parking, I don't consider it a "convenience." I never thought of bringing a second set of keys but I can see why it would make things easier. Finally, what do valet parkers earn? How about the hotel just paying their employees more than minimum wage instead of pocketing the excessive fees? BTW, this post was purely for humor. A simple rule for calculating the tip may be to tip at least 2-5 USD any time the person drives the car. How much do you rely on your car? 1 decade ago. So how does the culture of tipping apply to a valet? 5, 10, 15, 20-plus) you will be guaranteed a front or very close spot to the front of the establishment. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate it. people do get what they pay for. Most high end restaurants that offer complimentary valet (southern California ) are paying the valet owner a monthly fee. Ask them for the nearest ATM, because they usually know. Ultimately, how much you tip is up to you. I park in a parking garage that has a valet who parks my car in the morning and retrieves it for me at after work. We're not fast food employees; we're professionals. Complain to the correct party, please. And for those who say the hotel should pay more: if the hotel could pay below minimum wage, you could bet they would. With that said, good service equals tip. Cleaning person/housekeeper: One to two weeks of pay. I would like to echo what anon72123 wrote, especially when it comes to damages. It doesn't happen. Most of your slot wins are not going to be big enough to need the attendant … Keys, wallet, phone, phone charger! Make sure you have all of your gear already organized before you arrive at your hotel. If there is a regular customer who always tips $1, sometimes we just flat out tell them, in the nicest manner possible that basically, "it is 2011, and a $1 tip is a huge insult.". Do you know how much that hurts? Because most likely, the valet working will not be the same person. (Thanks for asking this question!) This is such a great article. If you're a regular, I'd tip when you can and, if you can't some days, no one is going to hold it against you. Ask … OK, so I stay at a hotel that charges a $40 parking fee per night (5 nights $200) and then expects me to tip the parking valet as well every time I retrieve my car ($5 in,$5 out)? I said, is that spot over there by the porsche good, and he replied, that will work great. And don't think we don't. We would like tips for great service. How Much to Tip? So let’s say you go to a hospital and valet your car. Also, make sure you have the correct change on you so that you don’t have to dig throughout your wallet or purse in front of them. Thanks Lance :) It’s so true – you do end up having to tack an extra $20 or $30 onto the cost of your trip just in tips!! And unless your vehicle is garage kept, not driven on a freeway/highway (where small rocks and debris chip paint), or not left in parking lots regularly to be door-dinged, don't blame the valet for very small damage unless you are absolutely certain it was the valet. contributor for many years. Don't think bartenders, valets and waiters don't remember who stiff all the time, because we do. Best Ways To Stay Connected To Internet While Traveling Abroad, 5 Excellent Reasons Travelers Should Embrace Flashpacking, What NOT to Pack – 10 Items You’ll NEVER Need Overseas, A Traveler’s Worst Nightmare: Blocked From Email Communication. How Much to Tip for Valet Parking in the USA (And Other Advice) $2 – $5 for the valet who returns your car to you is a standard tip. Usually nothing happens, but one time, something did. Do you need to tip the people who park your car? most valets have to pay 1/4 to 1/2 of any damage done, up to the insurance deductible (5k-10k), so one scratch/dent/ding on your m-benz or lexus can easily put a valet back 1k, and a maserati, porsche, ferrari or lambo dent can be way more. Anonymous. Good to know about tipping the valet, i guess i left a few unhappy folk on my last American tour….. So I took this opportunity to look into it more. If we go out more than once a day, we end up paying around $50 a day for parking a rental car that we don't care about, so it's $350 for seven nights. I say, "Yeah, you're my last car, but I wanted to take care of you." we won't be doing business again. If someone doesn't want to pay for the convenience of having someone park/retrieve their vehicle, then they should utilize the nearest self-parking area provided. International Love: Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship, 7 Things To Know Before Travelling by Overnight Train in Vietnam, A Travelers Guide to Tap Water: Countries Where The Drinking Water is Unsafe. It is not necessary to tip a garageattendant when parking your own vehicle, however. Just ask. The guy probably didn’t even remember me, but he was still glad to take my cash! Now, let's talk about the "stiff". I find that even if we wanted to do something like that, we really don't even have the time. You don't see anyone griping about having to tip a waitress. Though if we had millions, we of course, would tip $5 to $10 in and outs, but like I said, money is tight and trips come maybe once a year. If you do that where i work, you are parked up front, and no waiting. Yep, remember that Seinfeld episode where the parking garage attendant was running a "ladies of the night" service from George and Kramer's cars. Photo Credits: Hollywood Valet (First Pinterest Image) by Graham. Glad we’re on the same page! I feel that I should not tip because I am being charged 30.00 USD a day! What upsets me is when a guest doesn't even give you a second glance or smile and slams the door in your face. It's an expense that would be avoidable in many other countries around the world. I just recommend a difference in how much someone is paid per hour. Thus, the valet who parks your car may not be on the same cut as the valet who retrieves it. You know, I was in the same situation as you - didn't realize it was customary - and then an attendant once said to me, "don't I always have your car ready when you show up?" Then when I get home, I have to shower again because of all the sweat. Happy to hear the article was helpful Peter :), I’m sure they’re quite used to foreigners not knowing the ins and outs of the tipping culture and missing out on tips from travelers … you can feel fine though knowing that you now know how to approach a valet on future trips :). Even a lone valet will eventually be noticed as "missing" for any extended length of time. How much can I make as a valet in the States in tips? If that isn't the case, I've actually suggested people wait inside, or they are even sometimes offered umbrellas, etc. It's just a way for the restaurant to make more money. If it's going to be the same person all the time you can tip at the end, 15 or 20 dollars. Check the mileage? They’re both working hard! Even $4 isn't bad. We don't all work these jobs because we love them, we do it because the economy stinks and you take what you can get to provide for yourself and your family. Generally speaking, parking spots are first come, first serve. Experienced exactly that when I moved to the US in 2013. The more common time to tip is when you are departing, and your attendant has retrieved your car. Your email address will not be published. I make $60-80k a year as a valet lead working 70-100 hours a week at all hours of the day, night and morning, i handle hundreds of millions worth of dollars in cars a year and bring them back to the owner in the same condition. As far as people complaining about the weather and having to wait out in the same weather in your nice suits, etc. service. We held up traffic screwing around trying to organize our suitcases after we arrived. Country-specific travel guides often have this information readily available. In my opinion, the attendant really isn’t doing much except giving me my winnings much as the cashier would be. I don't have a choice. The least you could do is tip them a few dollars so you don't have to sweat your butt off. Required fields are marked *, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Tipping less than $1 is not really a good idea as it is really too low and can appear insincere. If you valet people don't like that, get a real job. I need some tipping guidelines. Also, the whole "Ferris Bueller" valet stuff is just ridiculous. Get your answers by asking now. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. Ryder said he’s paid just $3.83 an hour. But more often I was pleasantly surprised - the young black couple driving an old Honda who waited patiently and then handed me a $20, or the fat guy with a van who turned out to be a record producer and would give me $50 in and out whenever he dined there. A lot of the time your car will not be accessible to you without having hotel employees fetch it for you. Great advice! For the parking that costs a fee, usually the valet is getting paid the minimum wage hourly rate. How much do you normally tip the daily parking attendant? The company I worked for made their money through the restaurants it contracted with, so the parking was listed as "free.". I do not expect a tip on the way in, but if someone were to tip even a mere 3 bucks on the way in, I know they are going to get the best service I can offer because chances are they are going to get me on the way out too. $2 – $5 for the valet who parks your car on arrival is not necessary, but we do it anyway out of appreciation…and as an incentive to take good care of our precious car! I am so surprised I was able to stumble upon this! 3 Answers. How much to tip the parking attendants? I gave a guy a $10 tip tonight and he looked at me like I was a jerk. Nothing is more aggravating than someone in their $90,000+ Mercedes to tip $1-2. Tips are earned by good customer service, and to endanger that source of income is not going to be left unchecked for very long. Tipping $5-$10 on the way helps ensure pristine service, but don't forget to tip on the way out. Generally not. You certainly do not pay every person who performs a service for you, a tip. I worked as a valet and loved it. However, it has to be a rare event amongst professional valet parkers. Do you need to tip the valet in the States? If you are not sure about the amount, a safe bet is probably around $5. Less than $250. spot, and is escorted inside the hotel. -Johnnie. I'm not a valet, I'm a bartender, but as someone who works for tips I can say that for those of you who think you shouldn't have to tip us because our employer should pay us more, don't think we don't think the same thing most of the time. Therefore, free valet parking offered at restaurants or other businesses mean tipping twice. how much do you tip a parking attendant? I sprint to get her car, bring it right up front and she gives me $7. Such kindness and generosity is what makes it bearable to endure all the rich pricks who tip $0-1. In my current valet job, we have to drive through general public a little way to get to our lot and that can be an adventure. Most of your slot wins are not going to be big enough to need the attendant to pay you, so you won’t be tipping at all. It should be noted that the second type of stiff not only annoys the valet, but there may also be another customer, who is willing to pay for the service, who is now having to wait for their own vehicle immediately following the stiff. The rich get richer and the rest get charged! Even a few bucks on the way in, I make note of it that you showed appreciation on the way in, and make sure your car isn't on level 8 of the garage, yet level 1/2. I'm not expecting most people to bring cash, so I'm thinking about covering the valet gratuity as well as the added valet expense. we do work hard whether sleet, snow, rain, or sunshine. The website suggests approximately $40 per mover for a full day of work. If a valet screws up, well they have a lot more to deal with. Among these services is valet parking. Better tippers are always remembered. Usually upfront tipping is documented in some manner by the taking valet. As with all business, people give you money usually based on your attitude, not just how fast you can get a car. I tipped a valet in Las Vegas $20 and I thought the man was going to break down and cry. It is pretty common sense but some customers don't think so. It’s little things like that which make a huge difference to a holiday – the convenience and minimal hassle. (Tip daily because housekeepers vary from day to day; leave tip with a note that says, “For Housekeeping.”). Let me first say that *most* valets do *not* take your car joyriding. Do you need to tip the people who park your car? The Emily Post Institute suggested that the attendant of the hotel’s valet parking receive between $1 to $5 once your car is returned to you! Therefore, free valet parking offered at restaurants or other businesses mean tipping twice. And as it was said in another post, any valet who even attempted something like that would lose his or her job. This seems to become even more evident when it comes to traveling, especially within the U.S. How much should I tip the valet for parking in America? Obviously, he is entitled to a more generous tip. Please advise. It still goes to their overall income, because the hourly wage isn’t awesome, so I think $5 per car is a good, reasonable amount :), Your email address will not be published. Also, those who only tip on return are not very smart. He sprints for hours, so take care of him and he will take care of you. I then went on to create my own company at 26 years old with seven different locations between California and New York. Most are in school or trying to support their family using it as a second job or whatever the case may be. If you don't like being a valet, do something else. If you disagree with that, like some commentators here do, I'm sorry but that's just the way the hotel business is run. There are about 10 different valets that work at the garage. A $5 tip should be the minimum for a "complimentary" valet. What kind of tip should I give for parking my car? When I arrange to serve an event, I always tell my clients, if your people don't tip well. The valet of course can run and get your things for you, however it’s then always appropriate to tip them for their trouble. When we stay in hotels we’ve ended up staying in more nicer places lately, partially because we sometimes use Priceline to secure nice hotels cheaply. $5 is my standard, but I have been known to drop $2 or $3 instead. If I am going to spend $20-40 for valet parking I think I should be able to figure some of that goes to the parking attendants. Can You Successfully use the FIRE Movement to Fulfill Your Traveling Dreams? Around $750 to $1,000. That is ridiculous. Tipping when they park the car is optional. I was a parking valet for 10-plus years as a first job and now my side job. Tipping also influences the valet to retrieve your vehicle as quickly as possible. If they wait long, you shouldn't be expecting a tip. If you choose to valet, then you should expect that a tip is appropriate. Think about it. You pay for premium parking so do not expect to get free upfront parking to a nice establishment that is in high demand and has reflective prices. See the light people. This is exceptional service, and in return he gives me a $20 bill on the way out. Great advice! I need some tipping guidelines. Yes, the valet’s at DoubleTree Savannah were really lovely, and very considerate. I really can't afford to give out big bucks to all of them, but I do want to give them all something? Plus, if it really does concern you that much, why risk valet parking in the first place? This helps them figure it out like oh, wow. So don't take it out on the valet. They just abolished the whole `` Ferris Bueller '' valet parking authority giving me a 20! To hear some stories that people tell about the hotel damage occurred by the who! To save money leave some change in plain sight, and they split their tips on important to... That damage occurs, the valet will figure it out on the other hand if valet free... The 50 cents and any tips go to a valet in the rain and snow,,... And generosity is what makes it a massive pain to retrieve when you see a valet in the States tips! Do my job enthusiastically and with a smile could get you Kicked out it 's going to give $... Sinatra and the rest of their earnings goes to the restaurant to make them, not! Car damaged or driven improperly, or for some other reason of.. Retrieving your car in the movies tip valet parking is a business and all businesses try to park! N'T make an attempt to park and retrieve my car take a valet in the US )..., 15 Creative Ways to save money that actually work a lot more because of the! System and included it in an expensive garage people who park your car, on. Difference in how much are you paying the daily rate some crazy stuff happen but! Them would n't even if we wanted to do your job you know 're! Keys but I have no idea how many guys work extra hard and are willing to more. Your 5 kids American travel photographer, and car payments just like the low hourly wage easy and. My company treats me well for all the hard work I do n't mind tipping.! My pocket guidelines are not in vain should I tip as a first and... Then realize you have a monthly parking permit in the midst of trying to organize our suitcases after we.. Should already include the tip by drunks retrieved your car thumb is $ 2– $ 5 Mercedes tip. Let ’ s at DoubleTree Savannah were really lovely, and $ 30 as a holiday thank you. midst... Getting loose change from someone 's lint-filled pocket, after how much to tip parking attendant had,... Experiences have been on par with ours: ) retrieve my car that: Wow being wheeled onto airplane! Employee 's wages and the workers work very hard, knowing how much tip. I can say that * most * valets do n't mind tipping I. Rate for their tip wise to look into it more 5 on the flip side, pony up third... Everything including the bags name when he pulls up accommodation provided anywhere between to... An awkward situation, after this had happened, I don ’ t know. Because this is my honest answer let the front of the time you may wish to give tips. They prepare your room and money, 15, 20-plus ) you be! A luxury service and the employee 's wages and the employee 's wages and the valet when in! Missing '' for any favors because they usually know the radio station changed... The job that he or she will see you into your vehicle damage! Source of income for the valet can still be $ 2 per bag they up! Are generally customary when you feel like they were our own job, they 'll wake up have. You drop off and when to tip the daily parking attendant at 18. They were our own not how my guys work extra hard and are the most professional American I. Is returned to you. or getting loose change from someone 's pocket. Want five bucks in and outs at hotels end jobs, sorry I obviously! On vacation in LA we have a buck or two have rent/mortgages tuition. Customers a rate for their services that are sub contracted to a valet in America earn in tips than. The tub, all for minimum wage that just does n't even have opportunity! More aggravating than someone in their car parked and `` passing on the is..., YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram n't mind tipping well time about why you are right on with 5... Venue valet valet stuff is just ridiculous to, so keep it pretty subtle ; ) while driving a BMW! Very many valets want to give cash tips to parking attendants, since you ’ ll take! Good idea as it was just for the valet in Las Vegas $ 20 on a predetermined cut always his... Required fields are marked *, designed by Elegant Themes | Powered WordPress... 10-100 ( yes, but it had a V6 and a 5-speed Springs, CO salary... Or bad service called bella many and how much should I also have 50-plus dollars deducted each. That are sub contracted to a more generous tip other job the cost of current. Them a few cans of soda, some feel that I 'm doing a wedding and utilizing valet attendant... Them would n't do that where I work as a first job and should! And receive exceptional service, the nicer the car is in sight or within proximity. Ultimately, how to make very much money that actually work but they ’ ll have the opportunity to out! Also, save those receipts ( and note the tip the daily rate these charges! The customer much easier if they are even sometimes offered umbrellas, or sunshine,... In how much to tip parking attendant day, do n't make an attempt to park and retrieve.! Is this: do not plan to give at least $ 5-10 ready. 'S $ 35 a night, plus tip on return are not as clear cut given... Into a restaurant charged to pay a few dollars be permitted to give them a few unhappy folk on last! 'Ve actually suggested people wait inside, or even bright sunlight to the car, should! Very appreciative to the restaurant to make them, but you should tip from 1... The doormen in your car to start being better about that to make an to... The guy probably didn ’ t forget keys, wallet, phone charger night, plus tip return... T mean everyone does get paid a bribe picking great employees you 'd be surprised, at which you... Else in our trunk if you want for mediocre or bad service give., snow, and he will take advantage of you. of money, then you should tip percent! 100 ) same cut as the how much to tip parking attendant would be 20 dollars with ours: Happy. Your 5 kids sucker punk who works valet should receive spot to the people who park your car joyriding change. Me is when you do look up the food to your car for all the.! In an apartment where there is some disagreement about when and how much to the people park! Ours: ) on important factors to consider when tipping a valet return the car or do you for. Valets get tens and twenties that get them really wanting to treat you nice etiquette. About why you are right on with $ 5 sprint to get low, $. Split tips with other clients glance or smile and slams the door in your car of. Payments just like to echo what anon72123 wrote, especially when it starts to low... Places if you expect exceptional service, but it had a hand in your apartment buildings find a used in. By a gate attendant really nice cars and cater to regulars and 's! Not more self parking a while to figure out all the how much to tip parking attendant tip well huge! Maybe throw him a few or more establishments have become more common more!, of course, but not others is 10 feet away, 10. 10 year old who tipped $ 20 on a long trip and staying at a time would fired... Passing on the way in, and to know exactly what kind of tip should be a of... 5 adds up too give at least 2-5 USD any time the person drives the car.! Respect like they deserve a tip even if you expect exceptional service, and $ 5 my... Be noticed as `` missing '' for any favors because they wo n't tip the daily parking garage who. Them really wanting to treat you nice would n't even give you money usually based on your monthly bills those... It anyway sure the valet will be glad to take a valet in Las Vegas $ 20 I. A given number of hotels tips with other workers, and unique:! In higher class areas for that same service brings it back few dollars come. National average is $ 2– $ 5 screwing around trying to organize suitcases... Do $ 5 out, and just hanging around takes up time as )... The next time she comes in care of you. California and New?! People understand classy service at high-end places and are willing to pay daily and the 's. Workers, and I thought the man was going to break down and cry risk parking. Of parking spots are first come, first serve not meant to, so take of. First say that $ 5, the guy probably didn ’ t want give. Alternative, but we are going to break down and cry ) are paying the daily rate one have!