The setting of this tent is a breeze and it requires less than a full minute to fully open this tent. Examples are reduced risk of tearing and are also moderately resistant to mildew. Only the finest will provide you with the comfort you deserve. This tent is tall enough that you can easily stand and walk in it. If you have any questions in mind, tell us in the comments section below. You can check the pros and cons of each tent and then select the best tent according to your preferences. Its affordable, reliable and above all completely waterproof. Tents like this are ideal for camping adventures that require frequent moving from place to place. The Guy lines join the rainfly to the pole and tent. The downside of cabin style family tents is that they tend to take more time in setting up. Hitorhike Camping Tent 2 Person Tent Ultralight Easy Set Up and Carry Family Tent Backpacking Tent for Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Festivals, Car Trip 4.4 out of 5 stars 246 $49.98 $ 49 . It also has plenty of wall storage space to keep gear organized and dry. The rainfly of this camping tent can be used as a pavilion during fishing or kayaking. MSR’s Best Family Camping Tents What’s better than a family tent from Amazon itself? This premium material is extremely lightweight, breathable and provides excellent protection from the harsh weather conditions. There are two big separate doors for easy entry and exit to the tent. The broad door allows access to either side of the tent when the divider is set up, and also the big windows and screened roof permit for greater than sufficient venting. So, accessing the tent and sightseeing is always a pleasure. But with so many tent designs, tent materials, and tent features available, it can be tough to know what shelter is the best value. But it also has a very comfortable and cozy interior. When the outer layer is coated with nylon, the tent is waterproof though the inner layer is made of nylon mesh. Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Family Tent for Bad Weather, 2. What’s more, setup is a breeze thanks to a unique hub design and to pole clips that easily clasp over the tent poles. Its a child’s play to assemble this due to its freestanding nature. Your waterproof tent should have a sufficient amount of room for all the family members and the traveling gear. Coleman FastPitch Instant Cabin 10-Person Tent, 3. Coleman is a super famous brand in the outdoors community. Consequently, their build and form factor allows for sufficient flow of air. View: Showing 30 results per page; show 90 results per page REI Co-op. It will take up time to find the best place to set up your tent. Capacity: 8 Person This camping tent has tens of thousands of positive reviews all across the globe. The major drawback is the high cost and heavy weight of the fabric. All the seams of the tent are factory sealed for maximum efficiency. It is cheaper to have a large tent accommodating everyone under one roof than having small tents for each person in your family. This is because buying a tent with reduced capacity will require more to shelter all your family members. Setting up this tent is also very easy and can be easily assembled. it also features an innovative wall switch that enables you to select the lighting mode you prefer, whether high, low, or nightlight mode. This tent is designed with a full mesh roof and a rear mesh vent that allows for optimum air circulation. The good thing is that it is an Instant setup tent.