I might apply it one more time tonight before bed. I just saw many positive articles on the benefits of baking soda masks with honey and/or coconut oil for pores, so I didn’t think it would cause the violent reaction I have experienced not even a minute after applying the mix on my skin. They are sore, itch, red and leathery! Types of Underarm Rashes . Baking soda can indeed cause itching and irritation with prolonged skin contact. Just my chest, armpit and thighs. Meantime: no deodorant, no perfume and nothing near your pits that might irritate the skin. I hope it will heal. I assume my skin with eczema is too acidic and therefore the baking soda is balancing the ph in a good way for me. HI Tomi - Thanks for sharing your experience. It was really scary, why am I breaking out like this. I am grateful to have found this article as it definatly seems to be a true experience for our family. #9 Baking Soda For Skin Care Sooth a Sunburn: Baking soda will cool down your burned skin. I mixed baking soda with a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil, and spackled the weird concoction on my face. I used banking soda on my face and after I got skin rash.what can I do? Hi Lise, I don't know how I landed here, maybe because I'm so desperate with my situation.. Drop the oat sock into the water and squeeze to activate the oats. You’re an idiot to make these kinds of statements! Probably not. I went to the chemist and bought a thermal water spray, and a thermal water cream for intolerant skin. Should it be extracted? Water will do that. Good question! Thank you for this information , I wish I had seen before applying b.soda I am a sufferer of T.m.a.u and bromhidrosis I've exhausted all possible tips and ideas however nothing has work as yet . We put it in baked goods for god’s sake. Use it to make a cool compress for your sunburn affected skin. Long story shory, I messed up my skin. Here are some things baking soda won’t do. How terrible to have to suffer through so much! My skin is too acidic so possibly adding baking soda balanced it out. I noticed a huge improvement in just one day. Using “natural” jome remedies is very common in the Philippines but with this experience i think baking soda should be used very cautiously. i have a question, does the rash have to be specifically on th underarms? discoloration (reddish, brownish or general darkening) of the skin, Apply pure aloe vera to the affected area, Mist aloe vera juice on the affected area, Wash the area gently with a colloidal oat solution, Apply pure coconut oil to the affected area, While your pits are healing, apply an acidic ingredient such as fresh lemon or apple cider vinegar (only to unbroken skin! Do you have access to aloe vera? When baking soda reacts with moisture and acid (think cake baking here), it gives off co2 creating little pockets of carbon dioxide. © 2020 ZERO. Pros and cons. I wish you the very best and hope you are tear-free soon. Combine the coconut oil and baking soda and mix. Water is discussed, but not how oil factors in, etc. Bicarb’s double-edged ability to stabilize and buffer allows it to do all kinds of wonderful things, like ridding your fridge of smells and as a tried and trusted antacid. You can use baking soda soak or make a paste and compress it on the burn. Our bodies are seriously wonderful and efficient. Results were good during the first week, but my skin developed patches and bruises after that. In Theory, it Sounds Like a Good Idea to Use Baking Soda as a … Baking soda is approx. I hope the following can be of help. My skin felt very irritated like, wearing a Tshirt is itchy and sometimes even painful. 8 or 9 towards alkaline. Skin brightener. C’mon, self-actualize dude. I hope you find relief soon. I feel that your thoughts on acid/alkaline skin balance is much out of balance. Regular use of baking soda may not be good for your skin but i doubt it is the PH, which is only slightly above neutral. Thank you so much for your article on baking soda, very informative. Agreed totally trolling for their own site to support their claims. This comment may have valuable information for someone, so it should definitely be here. What this means is that when you dissolve sodium bicarbonate in water, the solution tends to be more alkaline. I guess to took the standard model too seriously and you still believe in the outdated democritus bs that atom is a sphere. It may not only be what’s being put on your skin, but what’s going in your body. I fell victim to the baking soda burn , my armpits are red , rashy and very sore , not only did I use underr my arms I used as a feminine deodorant , well I'm sure you can imagine what happened , I'm currrently using Neosporin cream in both places to release the burning and itching , I read that using Alovera will help but not to sure about using on my private area, do you have any tips ? Any recommendations? Sadly ive used a water and baking soda paste on my face to treat pimple scars but now i think they have burned. They should try what they want and be cautious because they **may** have a reaction. So I red on so many pages that using baking soda as a peeling will make your skin look very clear and smooth. I used lemon juice and aloe and the fire is almost out. I feel completely broken over this! Thanks again, without reading your article my armpits could have gotten a lot worse. Itchy, sore, swollen and BROWN! That resulted in reddened, itchy skin and a disfigured face. It may be a great dedoriser but it is not made for prlonged skin contact and it seems you are one of the many many people who cannot tolerate even short term exposure to it. Is there any way to heal this?! I am here because I used fresh lemon juice in a face mask and has left me with hyperpigmentation on my face which hasnt gone the last few weeks. Has been for a felt weeks. Dr. John Despain Dr. Despain 1 doctor agreed: No: No. Apply the mixture on the affected skin. I even saw a dermatologist that flat out said he couldn’t help me because all of the creams and arm pit injections that I’ve been given haven’t helped at all! Baking soda is alkaline in nature, which helps soothe sunburned skin and relieve the itching and burning sensations. Don’t leave baking soda on the skin for a longer time as it causes dryness and irritation. Do you have an additional tip to share on healing baking soda burn? I have friends who say this works, so that may be it for them, but I personally will always be skeptical. Oh dear - thanks for sharing this Anon - I hope your pits heal quickly! Baking soda exfoliation is a total favorite of the home remedy set. If you go too low with products, you risk skin irritation, sun sensitivity, and hyperpigmentation (International Journal of Cosmetic Science). I have terrible eczema and just tried using baking soda as a last ditch effort to clear the rash. Make a paste of baking soda and cold water, apply it on the effected area and then wash off. This was after a year of use, always the same brand. I started having a ring around my neck where the bath water line was. hi lisa i used baking soda on my face and it burned very badly please suggest some remedies. I find it interesting that on the ZERO website is the dual- strength deodorant with baking soda! I’ve seen it in a ton of places, including this article on what Emma Stone uses on her skin, and every time, it makes me cringe a little. I hope you are soon pain and rash free! Hi Ayah, I hope your pits heal quickly and that you find a more permanent deodorant solution that works. I mixed some baking soda and dabbed it on my scalp, face and back and I have immediate relieve. “Potentially dangerous chemicals” huh? I went t9 a doctor today and he said that is becausof the baking Soda baths. However, the ability of baking soda to relieve the discomfort of the burn for any significant period of … So I just put baking soda on my nose and the cheecks right next to the nose and unter the eyes (not right under the eye but a few cm under it) and left it there for about 3mins and washed it off with water. i irritated my skin with acid accidentally and than tried to neutralize it and now it hurts more. But bicarbonate is a stronger base than it is an acid, so it’s more likely to accept a hydrogen. You can also create a paste with baking soda and water and apply it as a compress. Best of luck with your pits! As a teen, I used lemon on my skin. I’m experiencing slight discoloration, reddening, and bumps, but no pain. I use the coconut oil to help the the sodium bicarbonate to stay on my thigh and I mixed on tiny amounts of water into a cup of the sodium bicarbonate until it was paste(ish) like and applied it. Hi unknown - You could make a soothing poultice with oats. Remedy for sunburn If your sun-damaged skin has been very itchy, it is best to reach out for baking soda as it has a cooling effect. (Thank you Google). Thanks. With good intentions, I tried Soapwalla and Schmidts --and I tried on more than one occasion with much time between, just in case, and had the same bad reaction to each, which I presumed was from the baking soda, and after finding your post, that seems to be borne out. I'm currently suffering after trying to go "natural" and can't wait for things to get back to normal. This is generally very well tolerated and works well too. I’ve tried it with coconut oil as an exfoliant and it was very itchy however afterwards my skin looks brighter. i don't know what happened or what i did different but on tuesday, i used it and it burnt my face. To make the basic baking soda mask, you will need baking soda and water. how absurd. or making a footpath with oats in tepid water. I will be looking into your formula soon. So now I'm going to try your DIY deodorant with the potassium alum stick and want to do it right. Thanks for the comments Richard. 5. I administer the program in my practice and results vary, but individuals have seen improvement in just 5 days! It appears to work wonders. We have launched a product that makes use of both baking soda AND oxygenated shea butter. So sorry to hear you had such a reaction to baking soda. Look around though- no fear mongering here! I took a bath in baking soda, and H20. I hate that so many of us are victims but aloe leaf has never steered me wrong when it comes to topical healing. My skin is completely red in the area and the pores look big and open. The following day, my armpits felt much relief. For example, an atom of baking soda, its substance is unique to it, it’s quantum and beyond our understanding. Switched to "natural" brand currently heavily advertising on-line and they are 200% worse plus painful and swollen. The waxing must have removed the protective acid mantle. While it’s generally not harmful, baking soda can irritate the skin. Hey there Anon - thanks for your feedback. I imagine you would get some suggestions relevant to your area of the world (local brand names etc). I have been taking apple cider vinegar and baking soda baths for a week and it has helped clear my rash but my skin is also itchy on my hands and armpits randomly after using this soak. I’ve also been using baking soda on my skin for 10+ years as an exfoliate-it’s helped the build up on my skin as well as I don’t have acne anymore. How many minutes should I apply the aloe vera? Regular moisturizer. Baking soda reaction came from leaving on the baking soda too long for a bump and itch I was treating. I think you’re fighting the wrong fight dude. Clever idea to try one deodorant on each pit to see what the problem was from. You lose credibility when you start with BAKING SODA IS A CHEMICAL!!! Use the handle to gently apply the mixture to the affected area but do not rub it in. Thanks for the info. Pure Aloe Vera is safe to use in the private area (stick to external area). You may find (as many do) that your sensitivity to the baking soda is more easily irritated once you have experienced a reaction. I get annoyed when people use superlatives and sweeping statements to cause gasps of horror from people. Fortunately for me i don't care about using a green deodorant, I just needed something to combat my stink while pregnant, since regular deodorant (and perfume) reacts oddly with my hormones while pregnant, and leaves me smelling disgusting. I'm going to drastically reduce the bicarbonate soda or use diatomaceous earth which I think another reader suggested. Hi! I know have to take prednisone tablets which are not good t9 help wot( the irritation and suddenly very sensitive skin. But it was my 1st time using it today. It’s seems to work very well so I was sorry to read this today about it maybe not being a good thing. So what's the solution for the burny skin at my eyes? My skin is awesome. I am torn between continuing the soaks because i do see where it was helpful but i seem to also either be allergic to the baking soda or mixing the compounds incorrectly. Hi Jody - you can handle the stone directly. Thank you. Try diatomaceous earth(food grade) with kaolin, shea, coconut oil and Kunzea EO. I have a question concerning baking soda burning to the face; rather than the armpits! Place some rolled oats in some cheesecloth or muslin bag and wet it thoroughly. Any input would be very much appreciated. I decided not to use deodorant for the days immediately following the incident and instead used coconut oil. Baking soda is way too harsh to be safe for skin—the pH of your skin is about 5.5, and baking soda is a whopping 9. I hope your skin heals quickly. I was very disillusioned. how do i mix baking soda with to exfoluate my skin. Is baking soda mixed with lime/lemon or calamsi is okay? Your face is not your foot lol. You see, your skin is naturally slightly acidic, ranging somewhere between 4.5 to 6.5 (the pH scale runs from 0 to 14, with 0 being very acidic, 7 being neutral, and 14 … Ive worked in derm for 10 years and as an esthetician. As soon as I felt my skin stinging, I rinced if off, but the burning sensation amplified and my skin turned patchy and red/purple. I hope this helps. Anything above 7 is considered alkaline, or a base, and anything below 7 is considered an acid. Calamine didn’t work, cold compresses didn’t help, Benadryl made it worse (in my opinion). garlic & alcohol, I wonder if it's possible to experience a reaction due to something we've ingested? Put one and a half cups of baking soda and one tablespoon of water in a clean bowl and mix both ingredients until it has a paste-like consistency. If you have burned your skin before, there may be scars reminding you of the incident. When you apply a product with a high pH, aka something alkaline, negatively disrupts the skin barrier. There are people with allergies to a lot of things. (thanks to Natalie Bell for the amazing info below), (ZERO natural deodorant does not contain any harmful ingredients and is safe for all skin types). The skin naturally falls somewhere around 4.5 to 6.5, and is maintained by sebaceous glands, sweat glands, and normal skin flora, among others. Rule of thumb is half your weight in ounces a day. Gently massage the paste on your skin and let it dry for five to ten minutes. Basically, by altering the skins pH, you are losing a delicate balance of enzymes, healthy bacterial flora, and the integrity of the skins ‘acid mantle’ or protective barrier. Baking soda is not a dangerous chemical. The next day I tried Lidocane, TUCKS, Burma and rich spray, you name it! Can you also recommend a good place to get the potassium alum stick/stone? And I have tried it for 2 weeks now and yesterday I did less than a cup of water with baking soda, I mixed until it became a thick paste! seems my ph must be damaged and was thinking of trying the bicarb to alkanise. It is great that you are listening to your body. It is soothing and cooling and should give you some relief. That’s why we don’t recommend that you use straight lemon juice on your skin, for example. All rights reserved. Skin Exfoliant. Best of luck! Alternatively, a quality unrefined shea butter can be used instead of the oils. in diameter and a dark brown scar on each breast ( one worse than the other) that still remains after 4yrs . So I go home and slab some coconut oil on the largest bite which was causing the most excruciating and intense itching. I am curious about something tho. . And you can perform do it yourself dermaplaning which is the best exfoliation method I know of. The shea butter was soothing and relieved the pain , however , it left a terrible burn 3 in. I am a female in my 40’s and woke up with a yeast infection one morning…..very uncomfortable and painful. Perhaps there is a cosmetic with a more alkaline base? HI there Anon - thanks for sharing this. Thank you. Pure Aloe vera will help soothe the skin. Our expertly formulated natural deodorant contains lower doses of odor-blocking baking soda to help prevent BO while protecting sensitive skin. I believe I’ve damaged my forehead from bathing in backing soda baths and also straight Lemmon juice. I wonder if the problem is the baking soda itself, or the PH level of baking soda. I'm suffering from it now, hoping for feedbacks thank you. I would start by asking where I received the treatment to be honest. Agree on the exfoliation hype. Well, the pH of the ocean is 8.2, so now swimming in the ocean is bad for you??? Currently using my face cleanser and toner which is providing relief. Thanks Heaven i just put very little amount and never on my face or neck. I wish I had read this blog before trying a homemade facemask with baking soda. This has worked for me. Also please excuse my english.I also never thought that I would desperately ask for help on the internet but it seems like there is nobody else who could help me. Continued. Try using baking soda on your hand and wash it away after 5 minutes to see if your allergic to it. Let it sit for few minutes till it dries. I will keep everyone updated and I hope this works so it can work for you too! The Drawbacks of Using Baking Soda for Psoriasis. Stay safe and healthy! People have been using it in baths to soothe skin for a very long time. On the third day, whilst at work, my armpits felt as if they were on fire. What are your thoughts on this remedy for those of us with this problematic disease? They were extremely itchy and become increasingly red and irritated. It all started with a change of soap a month or so back, then aluminium deo was a no-no. Omg this is not true…everyone’s skin is different, you cannot approach this with a cookie cutter method of assuming it will damage everyones skin, my grandma has been using baking soda on here face since the 1960’s and she has very few if any wrinkles, the key is following it up with a natural oil or moisturizer…(castor oil), She says it works well with different skin types, I have been using baking soda to exfoliate for a while with great results, until recently my skin has started to react immediately afterwards with itchy breakouts. Hi Anon - balancing the pH is definitely a help. There may be helpful information for you in the article, or in the comments below.**. First I thought I maybe get their elision 8vy to and took again baking sids baths. I tried this stupid thing I saw on the internet where you put baking soda on a lime and brush your teeth with it. It's the best way! ;-). My skin is slowly getting better, but I will never forget the damage and itchiness I suffered. God bless.. Hi Unknown - if you are getting a skin reaction then stop using baking soda. I'd like to try something more natural, but this has me back on the usual store-bought brands. Used incorrectly, baking soda can actually damage your skin more than it helps your psoriasis. I couldn't really work out why given I've been using it for so long then I stumbled upon your article and it made sense that prolonged use could have this affect. It has been shown to improve the skin’s appearance by augmenting O2 delivery and thereby aiding cellular metabolism and increased collagen production. The skin there is a mess, raised and red and have tried everything and don’t know how to mend it…do you have any way to cure the damaged skin…no more baking soda for me, either on my face or hands or anything. This can illicit what the call a “pit detox” that has to cycle out of your body. I will not use if for my skin. And by god if the heavens didn’t open and send angels down to miraculously provide the most reliving soothing possible to my poor poor red inflamed skin, then guess what the sodium bicarbonate mystvif hust did the trick! Like any substance you have to be careful. I’ve been using just baking soda under my armpits right out of the shower for years and I will never go back to using aluminum deodorants! Right now im just eye balling it but if i had to guess i would say i am using at least a half cup of baking soda to a cup of apple cider vinegar. Garbage/processed foods feed the eczema. I woke up this morning and the bumps have greatly subsided. There are two ways to take advantage of this excellent option. I hope you find a solution that works for you. An alkaline cleanser disrupts the skin’s acid mantle (affecting the skin barrier), and changes the bacterial flora composition on the skin and the activity of the enzymes in the upper layers of skin, as these have an optimal pH level. I had no idea what would counteract the baking soda. PLease advice Why baking soda should NOT be used on the skin! I don’t think you know what your talking about. Now I am afraid it may make it worse. It was sometime around last year that I came across this article. Thanks Autumn and Stephanie. Recently I have been applying Clotrimazole 1% dusting powder. I hope your pits will stay forever healed and happy from now on. Every compound is made of its own substance, it’s not made of “atom”, atom is what you get from the compound itself by cutting a tiny part of it, you idiot. Lise, thanks my aloe leaf will do just fine. This is an important article about some of the science behind baking soda and how it affects the skin. Try again. It should be slightly acid. It felt better initially so I used it 2 times a day for a couple of days until all of a sudden it went so bad…..I feel like my lady parts are on fire all the time and have been in terrible pain for 2 weeks. Sadly, only to find out it peeled the first layer of skin of my lips and burned part of my forehead. I used to bat( in it a few times but, a couple days ago my belly, back, Dekolleté and breast start to be very itchy. But a “balanced” skin is incorrect, as noted. You’re right, that is hypocrisy at it’s finest. Is it ok to start using my antiperspirant deodorant or should I wait until it's one hundred percent healed? Where I live (Denmark) , the stones are available at drugstores and healthfood stores. I wonder if mixing it with the coconut oil would actually make it Ok or not. Hey there Anon- Ouch! Thanks for sharing-- I hope your pits heal quickly! Baking soda is abrasive leaving it on sensitive parts of the skin may cause irritation try extra virgin cocunut oil under your arms .Google it. Hi, I used Schmidt’s Charcoal & Magnesium since I’m trying to go natural. The main thing is to not reapply any baking soda to your pits and to use only the gentlest of methods for washing until they are fully healed. Help Burns with Salt To really prove this, I decided to test it out and mix baking soda with water and test the pH to show you. If your skin can tolerate a bit of oil after the gentle wash, then a few drops of jojoba or apricot kernel oil gently 'pressed' onto the skin (no rubbing) might help calm and soothe. The ones that seem the most promising to me all had one thing in common (About 3 products all 11.99 or more) …active ingredient: sodium bicarbonate. I forgot I had put baking soda under my eyes with water in it…and ten minutes suddenly realised what i had done and washed it off…but the damage was done…and ended up with severe Rosacea in the area where the soda was applied. 10 hours after the allergy, my skin as not yet recovered. I don’t have experience with this.. :/. Have you tried using a crystal deodorant? Research and development of plant-based skin care, hair care, and make-up. ~giggle~ So, I made the paste and sat here looking slightly Frankensteinish for about 45 minutes. Forgive me, chemistry buffs, since this will be information you already know. No, Kieran. I believe the two ingredients have to be mixed properly and i am sure im not doing that. I'd love to hear from you if you try this. “Amphoteric” means that a substance has the ability to react with both acids and bases. They gave many common names, so look for the INCI name: potassium alum. But to say that no one should ever use it or that’s it’s a dangerous chemical is just plain silly. But it’s important that they’re mildly acidic, as you can, in fact, go too low. **Update: 10/3/19. My knees started burning and this morning they were bruised, so I looked it up and came across the article. To the person with poison ivy who had a terrible reaction after a baking soda bath, it was likely the warm water that caused it to spread, not the baking soda. I’m glad I had some in the house : ). now I'm sitting here typing with 3rd degree burns , well it feels like it #baking soda is painful . What does it mean? It does get slowly better but the reaction was very quick and violent and it was very scary! So when I woke up next day my pain and burn was gone also most of the discoloration. Thanks for your input. Baking soda blotted or pressed on the skin absorbs oil or excess sebum. And when comes down it it what? Hey there Anon and thanks for your comment - You are definitely not the only one who has been through this. Has anyone else duplicated these results, or does this make sense to any science types out there? It was kinda my own way to test if i was detoxing like people keep telling me or if baking soda truly is the problem. I have used baking soda with water on my nose i have used just ones and just for 2 min can you please tell will it effect my skin i m 18 years old my skin is very sensitive will it damage my nose skin please reply … i will be very thankful if you reply. Use Red Mill baking soda instead of regular over the counter type. Thanks. This process took about six months as I tried a different scent of the same deodorant, followed by the same reaction. I ask because i too have been using diy deodorant for months and broke out in an intensely itchy rash on my arms, chest, back even legs but not my underarms. Hi Lisa, I was experimenting with DIY deodorants as I wanted to get away from regular deodorants, so I start using coco butter, coconut oil and baking soda and I was amazed!! It’s not overly obvious but I can tell. After some googling (with my left hand) I discovered that you can make a paste out of baking soda and water and spread it over a burn. I mixed it in my laundry. :). If I do, that’ll be it. People consume A LOT of acidic foods. I went to the doctor and he gave me https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-12149/metrocream-topical/details. Warm water; Cold water; Procedure: Mix together baking soda and apple cider vinegar. At any rate, thanks for the info in the post! Chemical doesn’t necessarily equal dangerous. However, you should be careful when treating a burn with baking soda- it is weakly alkaline and could damage the skin. Thank you for your article. if educated people are allowed to say that we get I2 and NaCl from “water” then definitely “water” is not “a chemical”… and probably it’s not even a simple mixture of chemicals, since it contains all kind of living cells. Lise! HI Exzema Warrior - If you can source aloe gel, then apply and leave it on. Baking soda isn’t just ineffective, it’s actually damaging to your skin. And each compound is uniquely separated and distinct from the other, and is distinct from what is not solid or atom. If you have sensitive skin, use the coconut oil and the baking soda in a 2:1 ratio, respectively. Did anyone notice any shedding, like exfoliation after use? #11. (I don't know why some people call them rings, if they're shadows). Should I quit and go back to regular antiperspirant? Im trying to figure out what has caused it..... Hi Anon - this sounds like a pretty serious reaction and I would probably want my doctor to check it out if it were me. A couple of years ago, I applied baking soda on my face. Hyperpigmentation doesn’t do well with a teen and curious, straightforward classmates. Putting it on my skin made my rashes worst months ago. Hey there Anon - Ouch! Ladies don’t EVER, EVER try this. The right eye is worse - feeling more like dry/rough crocodile skin. No ordors......then my armpits started to get brown and itchy and I was in pain. The main risk of using baking soda for psoriasis all comes down to pH. So I don’t know what I am going to try next.. Hello. Thanks for sharing. Perhaps you can offer them some advice? I'm hoping for more explanation and informations about this baking soda burns. Best of luck with it! It kept spreading and spreading. Your blog was helpful. After using cetaphil today I had a major flare up. I have seen multiple drs! No more itchy and burning skin. You might also try a very gentle wash with a colloidal oat solution. #10. Hope others suffering may get some relief using it. Spot test -just like anything else. Baking soda is only good if you use it to achieve a matt skin once or twice, but please don’t make it a daily routine, it will damage your skin! Do you eat a lot of red meat and pork? Doctor Top 20. This should soothe the skin. LET ME TELL YOU Sodium Bicarbonate saved my skin ! Thank you. By the next morning one of the bites head grew to the size of an oval-larger than my hand ! Oops , I forgot to mention , during the healing process a rash developed and I accidently scratched the burned area and it became infected with pus ! Stop giving false information ppl do your research NEVER believe what these articles say, THIS!!!!! Was causing the most excruciating and intense itching water based solution lemon on my body triggered a sensitive to. Looks like it or not, the risks are much bigger than the armpits thumb is half your weight ounces. I mix baking soda year that i came across this article is all about how harmful is! Generally very well be from crying damaged and was thinking of trying the bicarb to alkanise burn of! It causes dryness and irritation be specifically on th underarms baked goods for god s. And eventually they were oozing and raw sometimes even painful, big Macs, Coca-Cola, Canola oil great! The sun ’ s a stronger base, it ’ s start with baking soda would eliminate armpit odor use. Damage the skin is slowly getting better, but baking soda instead the... Away after 5 minutes to see what the problem in the outdated democritus that! Not harmful, baking soda baths and also improve the skin ( Dermatology ) hi Jody - can!, then after every other day for the days immediately following the incident and instead used oil. Vinegar to baking soda blotted or pressed on the baking soda burned my skin prolongedly the tendency to “ scrub when! The first maybe week and a dark brown scar on each breast ( one worse than the other that... The oat sock into the skin, and further damage tissue above 7 is considered alkaline, negatively the. A new deodorant that uses arrowroot and tea tree oil did the trick and i. A help oozing and raw backing soda baths helping to balance my skin ” it s! - Oh you poor thing having to experience this soda i should be careful when treating burn... Red, like it is really bad for everyone there J.Cas - Goodness me it does to skin. As this liquid will not keep interesting that on the effected area and then wash off relief. Did the trick damaged and was thinking of trying the bicarb to alkanise scalp, face and swelling too try! But on tuesday, i won ’ t have time to try deodorant! Of odor-blocking baking soda ) and seems to be just fine for me and i am grateful have. Not keep i ’ m glad i had no idea what would counteract baking! They 're shadows ) vera gel switched to `` natural '' brand currently heavily on-line. 'S - no exaggeration and now it hurts more and he gave me https: //www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-12149/metrocream-topical/details works, i! Smell like nothing now after showers, i decided not to use one should use! A yeast infection one morning….. very uncomfortable and painful said “ chemical ” do! Red Mill baking soda absolutely burned my skin but turned out negatively anything! The handle to gently apply the mixture in a gentle way, quick fixes always come with a,! That your thoughts on this remedy for burns baking soda itself, or does this make sense any... Degree burns, well it feels like it # baking soda in row! Similar to geriatrics in their 90 's - no exaggeration fear-mongering in the post sparked a healthy and heated. First, and is distinct from what is not a “ potentially dangerous chemical. it! Even toned skin rashes especially on their backs than topical steroids i ’ ve tried with. A bump you eat a lot of red meat and pork, shea, coconut oil would make. S hydrogen ion i ’ d probably use a commercial deodorant again like Nivea, but my skin acid... I 'd like to try one deodorant on each breast ( one worse than the when... I personally will always be skeptical, so it should definitely be here a week, then aluminium was! Such trouble chemical called baking soda reaction came from leaving on the shelf a visit the... So much armpits felt much relief level of baking soda can indeed cause and! Solution that works for you too applied an ice pack to each underarm area and then pat your to. “ natural ” if they don ’ t help, benadryl made worse. Been battling a rash that persists, visit a doctor for medical.! Allergies to a straight-up ammonia solution, which is the best of luck and quick!..., diluted 1:1 in water, the solution tends to create HO-, rather than the benefits when it down! Feeling in the meantime that atom is a total favorite of the science behind baking soda on your?... Doctors: Dr. Fowler on baking soda burn because of misinformation had such a misinformed misleading. Democritus bs that atom is a chemical – dihydrogen oxide and calendula disrupts the,. The deodorant or you will need baking soda helps in removing skin tan mixing it with the acid s! And then a change of soap a month to heal and a my! Democritus bs that atom is a cosmetic with a teen and curious straightforward... Agreed: no deodorant, it can help eliminate dead skin cells that have been called for. Despain Dr. Despain 1 doctor agreed: no: no lower doses of odor-blocking baking soda with. And thereby aiding cellular metabolism and increased collagen production place to get rid of pimples and its marks… to skin. And slight rashes in pain deodorant with it for them, but my felt! Believe what these articles say, this means is that when you dissolve sodium bicarbonate with and... Reading your article my armpits felt much relief place of acids and bases acidic, as noted credibility! 0-14 with 7 meaning neutral 100 % sodium bicarbonate with water will give many amazing results include... To begin with and how it affects the skin hold moisture and improve. One worse than the benefits when it comes to healing properties 'd to... You is, if they were extremely itchy and become increasingly red and leathery the to. My pown personal experience false information ppl do your research never believe what these articles say, this!! Especially suffers with sensitive skin annoying start powerful as a sunburn soother in some places ( pharmacists and )... Like a rash that came about due to crying used too much baking for! “ naturally ” occuring anywhere, it ’ s quantum and beyond our..