edited 1 year ago. The crew manage to get around $8,016,020 during this heist. Phoenix Sundered Earth byond:// He will die if chosen in the Jewel or Paleto heist. Good choice for the Paleto Heist CUT 12% Norm Richards- Pretty cheap and respectful but with not very good weapon choice. User Info: Mochzuki. Which is the cheapest gunman you can use for the Paleto heist without him dying or f**king up? The black one. Choosing the obvious approach will yield around $31,000,000 per character, as long as you choose a good driver to pilot the helicopter, otherwise half the score will be lost. no payoff. In this heist, you have to make sure that you do not get shot in the back as you will lose money if you do. The Paleto Score. Chef- Trevor´s meth cook. So dont pick him. No payoff - Reason is spoiler. Target: ... Continue following the train tracks straight to Paleto in a relatively relaxing drive, you'll lose the wanted level along the way at which point you can hop onto normal roads. The Merryweather Heist. Plan A is to rob the Bank, take on cops AND escape by boat in the bay. You begin with a peak attainable score of $8,016,020. Or something with the 6%. And do not buy the Paleto Bay Arcade you'll spend every heist driving from there to the casino it's worth the money to have one in the city. Heist 3: The Paleto Score. She can be found along the side of the freeway on in the north east area of the map, next to an overturned car. While not a heist that provides a ton of options, Grand Theft Auto 5's Paleto Score can be seen as iconic for fans. [GUIDE] Best possible payout for Casino Heist (for now) DISCUSSION. If you have the gunman decoy, you can lose up to two stars on the way. What seems like an easy job on paper turns … For this heist, every time you or your accomplices get shot in the back, you lose money. The Buraeu Raid. He dies. The Big Score. This story mode heist involves Michael, Franklin, and Trevor robbing a small bank in Paleto Bay. Facility (Doomsday Heists) Arcade (Casino Heist) Submarine (Cayo Perico Heist) Of those the Arcade and Submarine are really the only 2 worth the money the payouts for the others are well shit. Great RP game on a site called Byond. With the Paleto Bay score your theoretically doing plan A and B. Best heist crews for maximizing money. This is why you drop off Franklin just before entering the bank. The Paleto Score. 5 best crews and payouts in GTA 5 heists. (SPOILERS for all heists) Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360 . But you can pick up his money. He is a good gunman with same payout as Packie. The Paleto Score is the third heist in the story mode of GTA V. You waste money every time you or one of your crew members are shot in the back. Heist #3: [The Paleto Score] (/s) Approach: [N/A for this heist] (/s) ... Taliana is the best driver as she does just as good of a job as Eddie Toh, and takes 9% less of a cut. Mochzuki 7 years ago #2. I forgot his name Dick?